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    Burning to a DVD

    descotes Level 1

      Just bought Adobe Premiere Elements 7 so that I can edit video and put it on a DVD.

      However, when I hit the DVD button at the end, it made the DVD and then it doesn't play on the DVD player. It does play in the computer.

      Am I doing something wrong? The guy at Best Buy seemed to think that either my DVD player was old and/or not compatible with my DVD burner OR the DVD wasn't burned correctly.

      I didn't want to have to go out and buy another DVD player but I don't know. Is there another way I can burn to a DVD? I think my other option was to put in on a file on my computer but then I don't know what to do with it from there.

      Please help.
      Thank you.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          When a DVD plays on one/some player(s), but not on others, it is most likely a fault with the media used. What brand did you use for this?


          I am a big fan of Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden. In thousands, I have never had one fail to play. I also test on about six players, plus the computer.


          Another factor is burn speed. Unfortunately, PE does not allow one to slow down the burn speed directly. I use Encore for all of my authoring and most of my Burning, and it does.


          In the case of PE, it factors in the speed of the media, plus the burn speed of the physical burner. Hence, I would use the slowest media that is available. If you have a choice between, say a Verbatim 2.4x and a Verbatim 8x, I would opt for the 2.4x. PE will then factor that, and burn at a slower speed, than it will with the 8x.


          No player is mandated to play ANY burned DVD, and only replicated, pressed DVD's. By selecting the best media and burning at the slowest speed, you get as close as you can.


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Another option would be to Burn to Folder in PE, then use a burning program, like the freeware ImgBurn to actually burn to disc. It will allow you to choose a much slower speed. Remember, slow is always better.


            Good luck,



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              descotes Level 1

              Thank you for responding.


              I used a Memorex DVD.  The disc says 8x so I'm assuming that's the speed.  I'm not very technical.  So you think it's the disc?  But the other one that I used when I had Pinnacle worked fine.  So I should maybe try a slower disc?


              What is Encore?  I bought Adobe PE 7 so that I wouldn't need to have 2 different softwares (or so I thought).  I really didn't want to buy a different program to burn the disc.


              What would I need to do under "SHARE" to burn the disc through another program (if that's the way I had to go.......I hope not)

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Probably the good news, Memorex is not at the very bottom of the heap. Now, for the bad news - they're close. They buy from the cheapest suppliers, and rebrand. Many people, who have tested a 100 disc. spindle from them have reported up to 4 different manufacturers' products on the same spindle. You might get 20 that work well, only to hit 80 that do not. TDK used to be respected, but similar tests reveal that they too are rebranding, and one has no idea of exactly which brand they are really getting.


                The only other brand that seems to get the same high marks as Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden is Falcon, but it is available in the US only.


                Buy the best and burn at the slowest.