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    HELP! CS3 blank green screen after render. with video not stills


      hey. it seems that i have the same problem that other users have found when they have lots of still photos in a timeline and that is once you render they are just replaced with a blank green screen. however i dont have any stills in my timeline and it happens to every project that i open. once i alter a clip whether it be a transition, effect or change in speed and then render it all i get is a green screen. i am pretty sure i have some kind of spyware virus on my computer but would this be able to affect premiere pro cs3 like this? i have tried all the tips given to people that have the problem with stills such as changing the opacity and increasing my computers virtual memory but none of this seems to be helping me. i really hope someone has a solution as i have about a years worth of footage stockpiled that i was just about to start editing but cannot do so. thanks alot.

      Xander Beccari