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    After effects CS3 locks up at Initializing User Interface


      I am doing an install for a school lab and they are requesting both CS3 and CS4. Is that possible under Mac OS 10.5? I have managed to get everything to work except After effects CS3. They didn't need CS4 after effects so i removed that and CS3 after effects still doesn't work. I removed the prefrerences in the users Library folder and allowed after effects to re-create it and I am still unable to load the program It Freazes at Initializing User interface. I have tried uninstalling CS4 and CS3 After effects still didn't work. I just uninstalled CS3 as well and re-installed it again and i am still getting the same error. Any suggestions? I might Remove CS3 again and use the script that is on the net to remove all CS3 data.