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    Flash banner not working

    Lufferov Level 1



      I have a huge problem, for some reason that I can't fathom, a Flash banner isn't working in Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari. The only browser it seems to work in is IE!


      This is a major issue!


      I've tired it on several PCs and get exactly the same results, including macs. I don't know what to do!


      The banner is here: http://www.techietalk.co.uk located at the top right in the header.


      When I look at it in anything other than IE I just see a solid white rectangle where the animation should be. Can anyone tell me why it's not working? I've managed to secure this vital sponsorship for the site and now I'm looking bad because it doesn't work.


      If I browse to the banner on my server then it displays perfectly on its own. Only when it's shown on the site do I have the problem! I've tried disabling all plug-ins but it still doesn't work. I'm totally stumped and I reeeally need this to work!