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    Switch from PC to Mac version


      I am planning on switching to a Mac soon. Is there a system set up for the switch from PC to Mac versions? Does it cost money? Will I have to ship it?



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          To do what you request requires 1 year of tutelage under the aegis of Mr. Vader.

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            ParkersTutorials Level 1

            Okay, you may think you're funny but that's not helpful at all

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Going back a bit, and with other Adobe programs, it was pretty easy. The license could be transferred from platform to platform for the price of an upgrade. Now, things are most likely easier still, as the installations are much more similar. I'd also think that PrPro, Adobe would love to have more Mac users in their base.


              I looked into doing this many years ago, and for PS, AI and PageMaker, it was about US$79/each, but Adobe offered me a deal for all three of about US$150 to transfer licenses to the Mac. I never made the change.


              Do contact Adobe Customer Support/Sales, and get the current price and any restrictions, or incentives. Not sure if the installation disks will need to be replaced, but I dobut it, seeing as how the two platforms are coming closer together. Still, check that out too.


              If you do not mind, please report back with Adobe's current policy and the pricing, as it will very likely help someone else.


              Good luck,




              PS remember, my comments are heavily anecdotal and also rather old. Things might be different now, and may even be easier and better for you.