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    Gradient bands in CS3


      I need help. I tried looking for an answer but got confused with all the different applications and file types. Sorry, I'm new to all of this. Anyway, here's the problem:


      I just created a very detailed technical illustration in CS3 and put in a gradient background going from a warm grey to a cool grey to make the image pop better. Upon taking the file file to my print guy, who will be printing this on an Epsom 9800, he said that bands are showing up on his nice Samsung 30" monitor within the gradient field that he warned will probably show up on the final print. An easy solution would be to simply eliminate the gradient but the illustration looks a lot more classy with it on. Plus, the 100 clients who have seen a simple small jpg preview file of what they are buying is the image with the gradient and they love it.


      The print guy is going to run a sample proof tomorrow to see if the bands show up so I am just doing some research to see if I need to do something now in case the resultant proof doesn't turn out well.


      Thanks, Tom