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    Is it possible to merge two different FONT in one?

    Thierry DD

      Hi all,


      I am wondering if I could merge the glyphs from two different FONT and create a new embedded FONT out of it.


      Use case: Bilingual (Chinese-English) website http://www.mannerstoday.com/cn/aboutus


      On this page, I have the following text:


      "西方顾问联手国际经验丰富的西方合作伙伴,或特别礼仪专业领域高水平的专才,例如Eric Paris,法国知名专业美发化妆大师,Flo Prestige,将在中国设立机构的法国最著名餐厅。"


      Currently, the appearance of the English texts "Eric Paris" and "Flo Prestige" is really ugly. I would like to get the glyphs for the Chinese Characters from a first FONT and the English letters from a second one.


      Would that be possible?


      Thanks all for your kind help!


      Thierry DE DOBBELEER