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    HELP!! Problems downloading books!!


      I changed computers on sunday, however I purchase new ebooks on saturday nigth, I did download them in my old computer, but when I tried to download them once again in my new one I keep getting an error message E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER, what can I do? This program has become my worst nightmare, I just want to read my new books, I would really appreciate some assitance, thanks!

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          Sozzled Level 1

          Did you authorise Digital Editions on your old computer before downloading the books?  If you did, then if you authorise Digital Editions with the same ID and password on your new computer, you should be able to download your books.


          If you didn't authorise, then the books are locked to your old computer, and the only way to get access is to contact the company you got them from and request a new copy (download) be made available to you.


          I hope this helps.