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    Will Flash Catalyst help "me"?

    john isaacks Level 1

      Flash Catalyst is supposed in bring developers and designers together. But I am one of those hybrids and does the devloping and designing. Usually I will create skins in Illustrator, then import skin artwork in flex, which auto generates the .css file applying each skin to each class, and all I need to do is reference the .css file. So with this in mind will Flash Catalyst help me at all?


      I have been using Illustrator for a while now and am comfortable designing with it, so would it really be worth learning a whole new app?


      There is one major drawback in the way I do it that I wonder if Catalyst handles. When I skin in illustrator the overall themeColor is built into the skin, so I cannot change the theme color simply by changing the global themColor style. Is this something that is addressed in Catalyst?




      Also off topic, does anyone know if Orielly is going to be publishing a "Programming Flex 4" book?





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          leybniz Level 4

          Catalyst is in his early birth stage, so for now it's really slow and memory consuming, you'll spend lot of time importing Illustrator stuff in to your Catalyst project. As to your question regarding themeColor, yes this could be done easily.


          Overall, I think Catalyst it's a handy tool to bring creative Designer Idea to live faster than ever, and it would be just ideal for making quick semi-functional sketches just to feel the breath of Idea in test-drive mode. As well it suits for simple applications better, the simplier application is - the more benfit you'll gain out of Catalyst