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    RH8 WebHelp not displaying in Firefox


      We have just upgraded to RH8 (from RH6) and one of our WebHelp projects that is available on our website will not display in Firefox. It is OK in IE and Safari.  All we see is  .  We can view individual pages using the page url but not the project as a whole.


      WebHelp that was generated using RH6 and is still on our website is still displayed correctly.


      Has anyone got any suggestions.  Obviously we cannot roll back to RH6.





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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          I experienced the same problem. It is because your server is not configured to handle UTF 8 encoding. Once my webhost fixed that, it was OK.


          This is what he advised me


          I would therefore conclude that the solution to this problem (on Linux systems running Apache) is to add the AddDefaultCharset utf-8 directive to either the Apache config or the site .htaccess file. The advantage of the latter is that it only affects individual sites. The default Apache character set is taken from the locale file on Linux and defaults to iso-8859-1. It is the conflict between the Apache header with iso-8859-1 and the page character set of utf-8 that obviously causes Firefox a problem.



          In a forum post Chrissy_Tissy added

          My machine is Windows, but this fix still worked  - some notes about making the fix visible:

          1. Do the fix itself (httpd.conf: AddDefaultCharset utf-8).

          2. Restart the box to apply the fix.

          3. Once the box is restarted, clear your cache in FireFox to make sure you don't continue to see the cached file.

          Once all this is done you will see the output content as expected.


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            SullivanP Level 1

            Thnaks for that Peter


            I have passed it on to our server administrators to do their stuff.