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    Help for a beginner beginner


      Hi, I just got Illustrator yesterday and im struggling to figure out one thing.....

      Im trying to draw a circle however one half of the stroke needs to be yellow and the other half black but i cant get the two colors to work.....it always reverts to the last color i had picked as my stroke....i.e the stroke is always one color...how do i make it half one color and other half another color....

      please help this newbie chick who has no idea

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          Neeraj N-LscgRS Level 2

          Of the many ways, here is one such way if you're using AICS3 or higher:

          - Draw a straight line over the circle such that it divides the circle into two

          - Don't apply any fill or stroke to the straight line

          - Select the circle and the straight line and create a Live Paint group (Object > Live Paint > Make)

          - In the Toolbar pick the tool just below Blend Tool, called Live Paint Bucket tool and double click the tool

          - The options dialog that come up, enable Paint Strokes.

          - Position the tool over the stroke (it should change its appeance to that of a brush) and using the arrow key pick the right color shown in the cursor swatch preview. Set the right Stroke weight as well and click to apply

          - Repeat the same for the other half.


          The above method is non-destructive.



          Incase you're running a version below CS3, here are the steps;

          - Pick the Scissor tool and click the tool over the stroke at right places. The strokes would become two indepedent paths and now you can color them as needed.



          Hope this helps!


          - Neeraj

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            ladyvc Level 1

            Thanks heaps for your help Neeraj...i just tried it and it works fine however once i remove the line, the circle reverts to the same color all round and wont stay half one color and half the other ;(

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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              You may:


              1) Select the circle;

              2) Change to the Scissors Tool and click the two Anchor Points where you want the change in colour;

              3) Select each half and recolour as wanted;

              4) Select both and Group (Ctrl/Cmd+G) to make them act as a single object.


              If you want the colour change at a different angle,


              5) Rotate as wanted; with Object>Transform>Rotate, you can set the angle.

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                Neeraj N-LscgRS Level 2

                Good to hear that it worked for you. Why do you wan to remove the line, though? If you move the line, you would see that the fill / stroke colors respond to that. But just incase you want to get rid of the line but keep the appearance same - just select the Live Paint Group and expand it.

                Object > Live Paint > Expand.


                - Neeraj

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                  You cant try something a bit funky make your circle and give a black stoke and in the stroke panel give it a dash of half circumference and a gap of the half circumference you sort of have to either figure it or fudge back and forth as I did then in the appearance panel give it a new stroke and select your yellow as the stroke color now give it a dash with the same dash and gap settings except they have to be reversed so you make the first dash a "0" and the gap and then the dash.


                  You get this


                  Picture 9.png


                  Picture 10.png


                  Turn on scale stroke and effects and you can scale it and I would think then change the stroke weight
                  I do not know what happens if you do not use scale stroke and effects.




                  You have to use scale strokes and effects and the change the weight of the strokes there are two strokes so you have to change both.


                  Fun trick.



                  Picture 11.png