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    Could not resolve <mx:horizontalAxisRenderers> to a component implementation

    KalavatiSingh Level 1


          When I  running the following code


                  <comp:ScrollableAxisRenderer id="scrollAxisRenderer" axis="{t_value}" tickPlacement="none"   placement="bottom"
                          labelGap="3"  maxVisibleColumns="8"   />

                               in my application I get the below error


      Severity and Description    Path    Resource    Location    Creation Time    Id
      Could not resolve <mx:horizontalAxisRenderers> to a component implementation.


      Any help on this please do mail




      Kalavati Singh


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          Richard_Abbott Level 3


          I replied to this under the thread name "Component Implementation problem" where yuo posted the same question. In case you missed that, my answer was:


          horizontalAxisRenderers is a property of CartesianChart (and hence of course any descendants). In the example under the AxisRenderer class in the Adobe docs it shows how <mx:horizontalAxisRenderers> is used as an array container for the actual renderer itself


          <mx:AxisRenderer axis="{haxis}" canDropLabels="true"/>


          In terms of designing an MXML file you can only legally add the <mx:horizontalAxisRenderers> element within a chart of some kind. Personally I find it easier to think of the class structure by thinking about how to do it in ActionScript. Here you would create your actual renderer object of type AxisRenderer, then create an ordinary Array and push the new AxisRenderer into it, then set the horizontalAxisRenderersproperty of your chart to opint to the Array. So horizontalAxisRenderers is "secretly" just an array, not anything with real functionality.