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    [JS][CS3] Overflowing table still returns cell contents

    Andreas Jansson Level 2

      var lastVisibleChar = myCell.characters[myCell.contents.length-1];


      This returns the last character of the contents of a cell. If a cell is overflowing, I get the last visible character, which is what I want, since I need to read out the baseline property from it, and that is not available for characters "out of sight".


      This works fine until the whole table is overflowing (hiding the last row(s) due to its container textframe not being large enough). Is there a better/simpler way to check for the last visible character of a cell? A way that's including the whole row being overset?


      The overflows property of the row object does not always work, I thought that might be of help, but it does not report overflows==true when the whole table is overflowing, anyway.


      -- Andreas