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    Unknown Error


      I cannot save any new or changed files.  Tells me "Due to Unknown Error".  I have AI CS2.  Any help is appreciated.

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          One reversible thing you may try is to:


          Move the folder


          If you just trash/delete preferences, you may unnecessarily lose something you want to keep.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            This all of sudden just started to happen correct?


            Then here are some possibilities


            Corrupt font or font cache you can use a utility like Onyx or Cocktail to clear them.


            Not enough room on you scratch disk if you don't know what a scratch disk is then that is a good possiblity, in the preferences check under scratch disk to see what you have chosen then use get info on a Mac or I think the properties utility on pc to see how much free space you have on that disk.


            If it is like 10 GB or less that is probably the issue even if it is a little more it can be the issue.


            It could be a corrupt preference so you would have to trash the Adobe Illustrator CS2 Settings folder in your user's preferences.


            Could be a conflict with plug ins or other software.


            You can try to create a new user and log in and see if the problem goes away if not I suspect the need for more hard disk space.

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              MetroRacingGirl Level 1


              Thank you for your response.  Yes, it just started to happen.  Was 

              working on a file in the morning and it was fine, then when I went 

              into another file an hour later, it lets me in, but will not allow me 

              to save any changes.  I just get the error message.  I cannot find a 

              scratch disc.  Can you tell me where to look?  I have a Mac OS 10.4.1.


              Peg Miller

              Metro Racing, Inc.