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    adding child to a itemrenderer without overlapping the already existing child

    flx23 Level 1

      i am adding an image to a component(itemrenderer)..but the problem is that it overlapps the already existing control which is also an image

      the itemrenderer is generating 10 images the problem is arise when i use to add the dynamically generated image on the top of the already existing 10 images..it overlaps the first one...


      how can i add the new image without overlapping the already existing image....like the way we do in array with the splice method whose syntax is :-


      planets.splice(1, 0, "Venus", "Earth");



      where 1 is the index position and 0 says not to delete any existing value from array


      (do we have any method like this in case of adding control to a componet if no ..is there any other way to do this)




      the image i am adding .is being generated dynamically as following:-



              private var imgtop:Class;


                     var img:Image=new Image();