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    "Licensing has stopped working..." CS4 Master Collection


      I have recently purchased two copies of Adobe CS4 Master Collection.  The first copy was purchased on June 24th, with the first call to Customer support on June 25th.

      The errors are various with 3 during installation on this vista machine and several when starting the applications.  The only application that runs properly is Acrobat.

      The others fail at activation screens with either BEX error in amtlib.dll or "Licensing has stopped working...”  I have 3 case numbers assigned to this by tech support.  I have talked to more than a dozen Tier One personnel and two Tier Two personnel.  The CS4 package, at the request of various support people, has been uninstalled/re-installed 5 times.  The various attempted “solutions” are well documented so I won’t post the detail here.  There has been zero progress.  Each support person insists on covering the same ground as the prior calls wasting time and money (mine).  I have been waiting for 7 days for a return call from a Tier 2 support person. 

      During call two to tech support I was requested to remove all old Adobe software.  So, at the time of this note, I have been 15 days without the new software working and none of my old software working.  One would think that for the price charged for this Master Collection that, (A) The installation/activation process would work and (B) the customer support would be better.

      I would certainly appreciate some response from Adobe with a solution to this problem.   One of my case numbers is 181030791.  Look in the case file, get my number, call me.