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    ApplicationControlBar wont dock in Window?

    john isaacks Level 1

      I have an application control bar set to dock. I have the exact same one in an instance of Window and an instance of WindowedApplication, the one in WindowedApplication docks like it should the one in Window does not dock. Can anyone tell me why? and how to make it dock?






      Here is the code if you need it:


      <mx:ApplicationControlBar dock="true" paddingTop="0" paddingBottom="0" paddingLeft="0" dropShadowEnabled="true">

      <mx:MenuBar id="myMenuBar" labelField="@label" iconField="@icon" backgroundSkin="MenuBarCustomSkin" change="menuItemClick(event)">




      <menuitem label="File">

      <menuitem label="Refresh" call="refresh" enabled="{!RequestTracker.instance.isRequesting}" icon="IconRefresh"/>

      <menuitem label="Quit" call="close" icon="IconQuit"/>