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    Moving an image inside a frame


      Hi all,

      I have an image in place holder.

      I want to resize and move the image inside it.

      How can I do this with VBScript?


      I tried to do this:


      set myRect = myPage.Rectangles.Add

      myRect.GeometricBounds = Array(17.2,10.8,38.3,40.2)

      call myRect.Place("C:\image2.jpg")

      call myRect.Fit(idFitOptions.idContentToFrame)

      myRect.Resize idCoordinateSpaces.idInnerCoordinates, idAnchorPoint.idCenterAnchor, idResizeMethods.idMultiplyingCurrentDimensionsBy,Array(2, 2)

      myRect.RotationAngle = 2

      But it resize the frame and not the image...