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    Old version flash9e.ocx - unable to remove


      I updated to the latest (version 10) of flash a while back (I use Firefox on Win XP Sp3).


      However, while doing an online Secunia scan today, I discovered there is an old, unsecure version of "flash9e.ocx" on my system (under system32/Macromed/flash). Incidentaly, the latest version of Flash is also under this same directory.


      I am unable to uninstall it - it does not show up as one of the installed s/w componenets.

      When I tried to re-name/delete/remove the flash9e.ocx file, I am told it may be in use - I am not allowed to delete it.


      I'd like to know how I can remove this from my system? (Alternatively, I would like to know which program is using this outdated flash.)

      How can I do this?