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    Images not uploading from DW to server

      Our swf files won't upload to our website. When we check it in DW it looks fine and then once uploaded, voila! Gone. I've seen some other folks with this issue, but no answers yet.

      It seems like the web browser is saying the swf file is not at the location it is trying to retrieve it from, but I've checked and it's in the correct location. Why can't it find it? Help please!

      I've looked at the site from my mac and pc, through diff browsers, i've emptied cache....and nothing. Here is a URL that is missing the swf.

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          answered last week in the .swf thread you started.


          <script src="../../../Scripts/AC_RunActiveContent.js"

          on this page:

          is the problem.

          the relative path of ../../../Scripts means go UP three folder levels, and
          find the Scripts folder.

          That page is only two folder levels down.

          so- guessing; you've picked the wrong folder level for the local/remote in
          this site definition.

          the local site folder should be the one that contains the "homepage" index

          the remote folder- if the files need to go into a subdirectory on the host
          such as www or public_html or htdocs for instance- use the "host directory"
          line to put in the name of the subfolder such as public_html

          when done- the "homepage" will be in the top level of the local and remote
          files list.

          then either redo the flash insert, or do a check links and fix the broken
          link references to the Scripts folder.
          then upload the changed pages, AND the Scripts folder that is in the root
          level of the local site folder [it will be in the same folder as the
          "homepage" when correctly defined, and the script would upload to:


          Adobe Community Expert, dreamweaver


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            Thanks, Alan. Couldn't find that thread.

            This seems odd to me though - we have uploaded this successfully in the past and no changes have been made to the .swf location. The only thing that has been changed is the site was taken from an older version of Dreamweaver into the latest version. Could this have caused a problem?
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              the version of dreamweaver you are now using has a "workaround" javascript
              to handle .swf files, because of the EOLAS activeX lawsuit.

              when you edit a page with a .swf on it, dw asks if you want to update it.
              It puts the Scripts folder in the ROOT level of the defined local site

              Your site was defined to the wrong folder level all the time, but probably
              didn't cause a problem because you didn't use any Site Root relative paths.
              If you had used any site root relative paths in that site- they would be
              broken links when published because the site was defined to the wrong folder

              Define the local and remote folders to the correct level- the folder that
              CONTAINS the "homepage" index file, not two folders above the homepage file.

              then insert the flash file again, to create the Scripts folder in the
              correct location.
              then do a sitewide checklinks, fix the broken paths to the Scripts folder in
              any other pages.

              and upload the changed pages and the Scripts folder.

              Adobe Community Expert, dreamweaver