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    is doc.extractPages() allowed on button actions using JS? having issues


      I'm new to the acrobat scripting world, I did a search on the forum as well as google.  Google points me to a program called aspPDF, but I cannot afford another 400-500...


      I am trying to add JavaScript through the button properties, under Actions, Mouse Up (in Acrobat 9 pro on my mac)...


      I see this term/command come up  doc.extractPages()


      but I don't know how to use it properly..  the jist of what i'm doing is providing my customers with a launch kit, and my audience isn't acrobat-savvy to know how to use the  menu system to extract pages... so, there are single page extraction buttons i want to add, as well as extract multiple pages into one document...




      Info Sheet (page3) .... button: "Extract this page"  javascript code" doc.extractPages(3);


      Agreement (page4-6) button: "Extract this section" javascript code" doc.extractPages(4-6);


      is this possible?


      Update: I ran Java Console after making my attempt, here's the error I got:

      Doc.extractPages:1:Field Button3:Mouse Up
      NotAllowedError: Security settings prevent access to this property or method.