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    Trouble getting Form Guides to render in Workspace, any ideas?


      I've been trying unsuccessfully to get any Form Guides to render correctly in Workspace. I've just began to dive into the Form Guides to investigate to see if they were a usefull tool to our users. I have been following the Adobe Form Guide documentation to a T, but with two different forms I cannot get them to render in Workspace.





      On one form, an xdp, the Form Guide starts to render the .swc, getting the frame of the Form Guide, but no content or objects from the original Form ever pulls in, it just stays static. I have the most simplest of process, just to test if the Form Guide will load.


      Then, on my other form, which is the basic sample Mortgage app process that you build in Adobe documentation. It's a pdf and I get a Workspace error : (ALC-WKS-007-040) and no .swc rendering.


      As stated in the Form Guide documentation, I'm using the Render Form Guide ES Update1 in my xfaForm variable. And the Advanced setting I used were from the documentation as well.


      My question is there something I'm missing or some way to track down my issue? Any help would be great. Thanks.