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    How to Speed up Chart Rendering?


      I'm using a lineseries chart, but it gets fairly slow to re-render when I add a new point when the total # of points is ~1200 points.  Granted, this is running on a fairly slow PC (~600 MHz).  Reading the Flex documentation on how to speed up rendering (turning off dropshadows, turning off filterData, etc...) doesnt seem to help.  I bound my chart to an ArrayCollection (rather than the array I used before which I manually updated) and it doesnt seem to be any faster.  Adobe's documentation seems to have me believe that the Chart looks only at what changed since the last time it was updated, but i'm only adding one point!  If their info is correct, why does it take significantly longer (5 seconds) to update one point when I have ~1200 points then when I only have 2 points (instantaneous)?


      FYI - When I add a new point to my ArrayCollection, I have to do a "AC.refresh()" to get the DataBinding to pick up the new data.  Any ideas on what I can do to speed up the process?