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    Web Site directories getting too big

      The images folder on my site now contains over 3,000 images of wild flowers and related stuff. These images appear on the relevant but separate web pages of which there are now over 2,000. You find your way round all this using various indexes which point to the folders containing the web pages. The site will get bigger each year and I need to re-structure it for example putting all the images beginning with A in one directory and B in another etc.

      This is easily done but how can I do this and get Dreamweaver CS3 to update the links - copying and pasting doesn't seem to do it and dragging and dropping prompts for some updated links but not all. Updating over 2,000 pages by hand seem a touch tedious as each one would take about 20 minutes minimum.

      I don't really think this can be done easily can it??