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    How to Enable Publishing Server running on Tomcat


      We deployed CPS to our tomcat server, configured email and LDAP, but when we go to Website Settings and under the drop down box the only option is <No web sites are using this publishing server>


      My web site is running on its own tomcat instance while all our applications run on another tomcat instance.


      When I then follow the directions from http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Contribute/4.1_CPS/help.html?content=con_config_deploy_cd_12.h tml

      an error msg pops up stating The publishing server at .....  is not responding.


      I know for a fact this web site does work because I browsed to the contribute publishing server overview page to obtain the URL. I have also tried using IP addresses and port numbers etc...


      Does anyone have any suggestions?


      When I call Adobe tech support, I get some customer service rep not a tech support who forwards me to tech support which then another customer service rep answers and this process is repeated NINE times. after 3 hours and 17 minutes of this I called sales where an AMERICAN answered and was finally able to send me to tech support. I could tell tech support doesn't know much about contribute as he was asking me general questions about what the product does. He then stated that this product is only supported online and they offer no phone support. I sure miss the Macromedia days when we were able to get support.