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    InDesign Server Stops Including INDD Files


      We are generating a book and use InDesign to create the exhibits (art) that go into the book. We have over 140 INDD files that are referenced by the book INDD. When the server reaches about the 140 mark it suddenly stops pulling in the remaining INDD files citing the following error:


      InDesign warning: Couldn't open image file


      When we reduce the number of INDD files, all of the files are pulled successfully into the book. Any advice on what can be done? We assume that InDesign Server opens each of the referenced INDD files and keeps them open until the book is complete. Is there a limit to how many INDD files can be open at a time? Is there some configuration setting that will enable us to avoid this problem?


      Our InDesign Server is running under Windows 2003 Server with 2GB of RAM in production. In Development, we have set up a server with 4GB of RAM and do not see any difference in behavior.