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    Running out of disk space Adobe Media Encoder closed down abnormally

    nickgom Level 1

      Hi I am using Vista 64 bit home edition.


      I have a 500gb disk drive and I was compiling a video that was 40 minutes long in adobe media encoder (AME). Suffice to say the program never started so I canceled it. The I notice that my disk drive is now full over 200gb has gone! I have check mu computer and it is not a video file it is in the user/name/appdata directory where the problem is.


      Now I note that AME user a temporary file user/name/appdata/local/Temp******* but in Vista you can't access this file.  I believe there might be a big file that has not deleted as I have to close down the program from task manager.


      Is it possible the AME can do this and if so how do i delete these files as I can't access then even though I am the administrator


      Many thanks