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    Illustrator crashes on save and open


      I have Illustrator CS4 which was working perfectly for weeks then suddenly it wouldn't open a file and then crashed.

      Now it starts fine and I can work in it but as soon as I try to open an .eps or .pdf (or any file) it crashes. Also when just trying to save even the most simple file it crashes.


      Now I've been on the phone with support who had me delete preferences etc, also I unistalled and resintalled with no improvement.

      I even went as far as to reinstall CS3 and the same result.


      Support did show me that if I log on as another user then it does work, but that means logging in and out to use Illustrator.

      I've tried everything there is to make this work and it's killing my workflow.


      Seems like Illustrator is just a bit too fragile of a program!

      I hope someone knows how to fix this as Adobe doesn't