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    Embed Images


      I have an HTTPService that gets a list of images from my server... Is there any way that I can Embed these images?


      The reason I want to embed them is so I can use the DragManager.doDrag(img, dsource, event, dragImg);


      The dragging portion works, but when I drag the image it is blank until i drop the image.... It's really strange and I think it has to do with Embedding the image


      Here is the function that I am using....


      private function dragIt(event:MouseEvent):void


                      var img:Image = event.currentTarget as Image;


                      var dragImg:Image = new Image();
                      dragImg.source = img.source;
                      var dsource:DragSource = new DragSource();
                      dsource.addData(img, 'img');
                      DragManager.doDrag(img, dsource, event, dragImg);