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    D11.5 Projector causes Widows Error: There Is No Disk in the Drive. Please Insert a Disk into Drive  D

    saoudi Level 1


      This is driving me nuts. My first D11.5 strangeness.

      If I insert any CD into my computer then eject it, then I try to run Director 11.5 Projector from any hard drive, I get a windows error message that says "There Is No Disk in the Drive. Please Insert a Disk into Drive D" and I get 3 options Cancel, Try again, and Continue. If I hit cancel or contiue the error goes away and my projector works. clicking try again will not go away until I stick any CD into the CD-ROM drive.




      Drive D is my CD-ROM drive.


      I do not scan drives in my projector so I dont know how its provoking this message from windows.


      If I start my computer without CD in the drive and run the projector it works with no errors.

      If I have any CD in the drive the projector runs with no errors.

      I only get in trouble if I insert a CD then eject it then run the projector.


      I'm using the following Xtras

      Buddy API

      Buddy Drop File

      Tabuleiro Tree View

      Tabuleiro Web Xtra


      Flash Asset


      Thank you all