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    Robohelp 8 JavaHelp and Oracle Help

    Beatlog Level 1

      It is said that JavaHelp Help and Oracle Help can be the output format of RoboHelp project in the help of RoboHelp. But I can not find a way to generate JavaHelp or Oracle Help. Could you tell me does RoboHelp 8 support it?



      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------

      Generate and publish output from the command prompt. I use the command as below:




        "e:\test_RoboHelp\robotest\robotest.xpj -l WebHelp -o E:\test_RoboHelp\a"




      "e:\test_RoboHelp\robotest\robotest.xpj" is a project which does exist. But Why the output folder is not "E:\test_RoboHelp\a" as I have set?




      by the way, Does RoboHelp have a plan to support HTML Help 2.x?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Indeed RoboHelp *CAN* produce JavaHelp and Oracle Help as advertised. However, it isn't configured out of the box to do this. I consider it to be similar to advertising that a pickup truck (errr, sorry Peter, Craig and Colum - I mean LORRY) is able to tow a Boat or a Camper to a lake. Sure, you can tow these items, but there are a few requirements!


          1. You must have a Boat or Camper to tow
          2. You need to install the optional towing package


          In order to produce these help output types you will need to separately install the Java Development Kit. Fellow Adobe Community Expert Peter Grainge has some information on his site at the link below.


          Click here to visit Peter's site


          That covers JavaHelp. I'm unsure about Oracle Help, but would expect it to be similar.


          Are we to assume the code referring to E:\test... is your own code?


          If so, I see an issue with it. E:\ likely refers to a network location. In my many years of supporting RoboHelp via the forums I can't begin to tell you how many folks have arrived reporting issue after issue after issue that was caused by working on projects while they are stored on network locations.


          HTML Help 2 never took off for public use. Mostly Microsoft used it internally. As there is no real generic public outcry for it, I'd be shocked if RoboHelp were to suddenly begin offering it. If you would like to cast your vote for it to be added as an output option, visit the Wish Form.


          Hopefully this helps... Rick



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