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    Hundreds of broken links. Instantly. Irreversibly?

    prole13 Level 1

      I'm using RoboHelp 8 on Windows XP, working off my local C: drive. I'm generating WebHelp from a legacy RH7 project that I'm adapting for a product update. For a couple of weeks, I've been happily updating, adding topics, generating perfectly serviceable builds. Until yesterday.


      I do not know what happened, or what I did wrong if anything.


      I was attempting to add a new topic to a Browse sequence. RoboHelp starts grinding away for almost a minute, and when the page refreshes, almost all of my 750 topics are gone from the Project Manager HTML Files (Topics) folder. Not all. Almost all.


      The Broken Links folder, previously empty, now contains over 750 broken topic links. The Table of Contents is similarly borked.


      The files haven't moved. The TOC didn't move. But my only apparent recourse seems to be right-clicking over 750 broken links one by one to manually Restore them to RoboHelp's satisfaction. That will cost me a (nother) day I do not have with my deadline approaching.  While I clearly have discovered RoboHelp's undocumented Break All Links feature, I've yet to find the Restore All Links feature.


      I have no guarantee that a day spent doing manual link restores will actually fix the problem without creating more new ones. And not knowing what caused it in the first place, I have no confidence it will not happen again five minutes later.


      Here's the best part. I restored a backup from the day before the catastrophe. Looks good. First topic I click on....RoboHelp grinds away for almost a minute -- and now my backup is hosed in exactly the same way. Like an infection. And yes, I did a virus scan.


      Maybe the problem and solution are obvious? But not to me. I'm going home to drink and weep. Tomorrow I'm going to try reinstalling to see if I can purge the cached evil. If that doesn't work, then I guess I start manually restoring links while figuring out how to lower my client's expectations. Because I'm sure not getting much writing and editing done in the meantime.


      I plead to the collective minds of this forum for an alternative.