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    How do I compensate for only one ADDT ' tNG_config.inc.php file with many Registration pages to build?

    BrianNardone Level 1

      My dynamic site has a lot of different languages funneled into one website, using various cookies, url params, php includes, etc. all to obtain similar info in different languages. Thank you David Powers.

      It is working really well and now I’ve come to the Registration section. Okay, so registration isn’t all that hard; I could do most of it with the standard Dreamweaver set of tools.
      Alas, I really like much of what ADDT has to offer with welcome email messages and activation and such.

      Here’s the setup: Obviously, with many different language people, I have many different databases for them. I did that becuase we’re expecting a big audience and I really don’t want to have all those different language names in the same table. Furthermore, these tables, whereby the students will login, will also contain a lot of information about their work so again, don’t want to have one massive table. I’ve divvied them up into tables by language and I’m using those tables to keep track of them and their work.

      I want to use ADDT’s User Registration Wizard and I have looked at all the neat stuff in the Control Panel/Login Settings.

      Here’s my situation: I notice that when I’m done with the configuring of one of the registration pages, I’m asked if I want to upload the tNG_config.inc.php page and that it has changed since the last upload. I saved a copy of the _config.inc.php and did a new registration form with the same info and when done, I compared the two _config.inc.php files. As one would guess, there is a small difference in the Connection string to the databases  $tNG_login_config["connexction"] = "connString_Ital_db".

      My problem is that I have 13 of these registration pages to do but ADDT only has the one tNG_config.inc.php. That’ll work great for the one with which it is associated, but the others will obviously break. I’ve looked through the code in the Registration pages, to find the ADDT link to the tNG_config.inc.php file hoping to rename it Italian, Spanish, etc, but the name of the file does not appear in the Registration page.  I realize that ADDT Control panel is designed for use on one site, and can then be used on others, with the changes etc. But my site seems a little unique since so many sites are actually in one.

      Has anyone whipped this problem before? I just don’t understand why there is no link in the head code of the Registration page to let me change it and to create more config files with different names. Thanks for you help!


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