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    Getting IE Script Error on the popup in chm

      I am getting IE script error on some of the pages in my chm file. On single click this error does not occur but as i double click on the link its displays this error. Sometime its displays this error and sometime not.


      Please help me in resolving this problem.

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi there

          I'm confused. Why is there a problem? This is the world of HTML. In this world, a Single click makes things work and the user should not be double clicking. Basically you just need to educate your users that they should not be double clicking links that are meant to be single clicked.

          The error is resulting from a JavaScript call being made in rapid succession.

          Cheers... Rick
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            I've seen this issue posted on the forums before. I have never actually seen a double click cause a script error. And, it seems to me that it shouldn't - no user wants to see an error dialog, especially one with no indication of what they did wrong. For most users, who receive no training, it would be difficult to educate them without creating your own script for a double-click, so that they get the message "do not double-click links."

            I have a topic in our help file "How to use help," which I think may be the least visited topic in the file - but I don't have a hit counter in our help file

            I cannot generate this error with any kind of link. I would suspect the popups to be the likely suspects, since they use the javascript file but they work fine with a single or double click. Perhaps this is because I use an older version of the BSSCDHTM.JS file. I rarely disagree with Rick but I'd have to in this case. I do not think this is an artifact of 'the world of HTML,' I think it could be an error in the javascript file.

            apollo321, you report this happens on 'some of the pages.' Can you tell us what is different about those pages and the ones where you don't have a problem?

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi John

              It's fine to disagree.

              I've been able to reproduce the error through the years with a variety of the ehlpdhtm.js files. I do believe you are absolutely correct in your assessment that it's links to popups that are culpable, as popups are handled via JavaScript in RoboHelp. I alluded to that earlier when I said it's a JavaScript issue.

              My own guess is that the developers probably didn't consider the possibility of a double-click and as such, never coded to account for the possibility.

              Note that I never said the issue was an artifact of HTML. I only meant to convey that in the world of HTML, there is typically no double-click involved. HTML in and of itself has always been a single click affair. Heck, even in WinHelp the links were all single click!

              Cheers... Rick