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      I have encountered a problem that I cannot resolve by myself and cannot find any relevant information. I hope you can help: In some cases (this has only been happening with my last big job of about 1000 selected images which are divided in subfolders)  in most folders when I try to apply a new keyword in an entire group of photographs I get the message ".. the metadata of some of the selected items cannot be changed. Do you want to continue and apply the changes to some of the selected items only?.." whilst when i select individual files (photographs) I get the message  ".. the file xxxx.CR2 cannot store XMP metadata. No changes will occur..". This has been happening both before and after the batch rename processing. Also I noticed on my desktop that the RAW files that do not accept keywords are not initially accompanied by an XMP file. I guess that there is a problem with my 'settings' but I cannot located it or resolve it... Can you help please?

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          ..a  couple of hours later..


          However, if I ReNAME the file which contains the photographs that 'refuse' to have new keywords added to them, IT APPEARS that everything is fixed. After a 'blink' on the screen which resembles with a refresh, I can add the keywords that I desire. Moving the contents of my initial subfolders in one NEW folder does not change the METADATA or the KEYWORD status and so far they are retained when my files are moved to the new folder.


          B U T... if I rename the file again (through the Bridge window) and give it its previous name, the problem persists....



          -Am I doing something wrong?...since  I am not following a different procedure.. why did problem occur out of the blue?

          -Will the problem occur again?

          -will the Raw files retain the details (keywords/metadata) that I have added from now on?.. or is it possible that I will loose them again at some point?

          -why does this happen?