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    i1Display 2 or Spyder 3 Elite???

    complexity Level 1

      Hi all,


      About to invest in my first monitor calibrator (I'm in web and graphic design) and have been doing some research and I'm finding it hard to choose between the i1Display 2 or Spyder 3 Elite.


      i1Display 2


      Spyder 3 Elite


      Can anyone vouch for which is the better unit.


      (I'm using Dell 2407WFP-HC and plan on adding another Dell 2408WFP for a dual head setup, don't really do any color printing at the moment and don't have a projector if that can help with picking which will suite me better)


      Any help would be great

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          Lou Dina Level 3

          I've used EyeOne products exclusively and never tried a Spyder.  The EyeOne is very popular and works with a lot of different software packages.  Not sure about the Spyder 3 and am not knocking it, just haven't tried it.  If you think you might want to use different software in the future, check whether it works with those software packages.  Try calling Chromix (www.Chromix.com).  They sell a lot of this stuff and might be able to give you the Pros and Cons of each product.  You can also search for reviews on Google and see what people say about the Spyder 3.  Earlier models didn't get very good reviews, but I think the Spyder 3 is a lot better.


          Both of these packages are for monitor calibration ONLY.  Colorimeters cannot be used to create printer profiles, since they only read transmitted light.  To generate custom printer profiles, you need a more expensive package that includes a spectrophotometer and software to build printer or press profiles.  Just wanted to be sure you knew that.