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    File Download

      Hi All,

      I wonder of anyone could help me?

      I'm trying to enable the user to download files from my online CV from the click of a button. Im publishing as Flash 8, ActionScript 2.0.

      First i tried:

      on (release) {

      ...where the file is in subfolder "misc/zips/" on the server. This didnt work.

      Then I tried another approach using the FileReference class (code at the bottom of the page), which does open a dialog window where the user can select the download location, but when the user clicks OK, nothing happens in internet explorer. Firefox shows a mesage at bottom right of page saying "Waiting for www.davidoreilly.4000webs.com...", and just does nothing. The file is 7MB, so I waited for while just to see if it was downloading without showing a progress bar, but still nothing.

      The wierd ting is that on the CV page, I am using the same code to download a PDF, and this works fine. Is this is some kind of security issue with zip files? If so im stumped on how to solve it. I have put the site on a totally different server and the same thing happens.

      Feel free to view the website here. The file Im trying to download is on the 3D-Elearning page, using the DOWNLOAD button on the page. Thanks in advance for any help!

      David O'Reilly