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    Flash CS4 and FLV issues


      I have a 2 part question:


      1) on one frame of my flash project I am loading an external SWF movie containing a FLV. After much research I found the "unloadAndStop" method to stop playing the video (including the audio) when I jump to another frame in the main timeline. This worked great, or so I thought. I tested this on my main computer running Windows XP, Firefox 3.5 and IE 8, and Flash Player 10. On this computer it worked perfectly. No ongoing audio. However, I tested the same flash web site on my laptop which has the exact same browsers (including versions) and flash player version 10, only its running Vista Ultimate instead of XP. When running the site, when I jump to another frame once the video starts playing, it continues to play the audio. Why is this doing it on the Vista machine and not the XP machine? Anyone have any clue?


      2) I thought I could solve this issue by running the FLV directly from the main timeline without loading it into a external SWF. I imported the FLV onto the main stage like I previously did. I pointed the FLV componet to the correct URL and when playing the video off the webserver, it gives me an error saying it cannot load the skin. The video will then load and play (without the skin) and when I try to jump to another frame, the audio keeps playing on the FLV. This is occuring on both the XP and Vista machines now.



      I can't seem to win!


      I am kinda new to Flash CS4. I have used previous version of Flash in the past. I am really starting to hate CS4 and AS3. I am seriously considereing going back to a older version of flash that supports AS2. My old website made in Flash CS2 and AS2 just used quicktime movies which played with no troubles. This FLV, CS4, and AS3 stuff seems way too buggy for my tastes. I hope Adobe can get it right next time. Don't fix what ain't broke!

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          You can still use AS2 with Flash CS4. I'm guessing that there is a problem with the way that you are implementing the stop() method for the FLVPlayer that makes it not work as expected. Can you give more detail on how and where this method is called in your movie? Can you show us the code that you are using, or possibly the movie file itself?

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            rdreyfus Level 1

            basically I have a maintimeline for my website. You navigate the website with multiple buttons which jump to various frames in the timeline. When entering the frame that plays my video, it loads an external SWF with the following code:




            var myloader:Loader = new Loader();
            var myrequest:URLRequest= new URLRequest("demo_reels.swf");
            stage.addChildAt(myloader, 1);





            Each button on the stage has an associated function. for example:





            function mouseDownHandler_art_DR_anim(event:MouseEvent):void



            The SWF file contains a FLV movie which begins playing as soon as the SWF is loaded as expected. When I hit a button, and the timeline jumps to a different frame, the movie stops playing (both video and audio) and disappears, just as its supposed to do. HOWEVER, this seems to only be the case on my Windows XP desktop. On my laptop that runs Vista, when jumping to a different frame, the audio in the FLV movie continues to play. I am using Flah player 10 on both computers. I have tested it with both IE and Firefox both having the same versions of the browser. So why would it work under XP and not Vista?

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              robdillon Most Valuable Participant

              Check the version of the Flash Player. I'm guessing that the one on the Vista machine is older.

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                rdreyfus Level 1

                I made sure it was version 10. That was the first thing I thought of. Still it does not work. I tried it on my wife's computer as well which runs Vista also. Her computer did the same thing as my laptop. She has Flash 10 as well. Here is the link to my site: www.rdreyfus.com. The video in question is located at, Art -> 3D -> Demo Reels -> Animation Reel. Thanks.

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                  robdillon Most Valuable Participant

                  I tried your link. It failed on my Macbook Pro using Firefox 3.5. It failed. It failed on several other browsers also. I'm seeing inconsistent results. When some links were clicked, the sound track  continued, with others the sound track stopped momentarily and then continued.


                  I really can't tell what is wrong. From the symptom, it sounds like the unloadAndStop() is not getting called at all and/or the file is being reloaded.