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    How to run the ASDoc XSLT transformation manually?


      Hello there,


      I am combining the XML (toplevel.xml and toplevel_classes.xml) output of several actionscript projects into

      a one central XML file. I do this by first running the asdoc tool on the separate projects with the keep-xml and

      skip-xsl switches set to true. I then run my own XSLT script that combines the toplevel XML files and

      toplevel_classes XML files into two main files.

      After that I'd like to run the actual HTML generation, as far as I know its not possible to run asdoc with certain

      switches that tell it to skip the XML generation and just perform the XSLT transform immediately for a specified

      toplevel.xml and toplevel_classes.xml.

      Therefore I guess I have to run the XSLT tranforms from the 'templates' directory myself.


      So, thus my question is, what is the exact order of XSLT transforms and for which files?


      i.e. do I call class-list.xsl with toplevel_classes.xml, etc?


      thanx a lot in advance,