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    While rendering project "error in compiling" appears

    hema jagtap



      While rendering the project in Adobe premiere pro CS3 i get an error "[..\..\Src\Render\RenderFrameRequest.cpp-391]" after the rendering is almost  complete till 90%. The same error occurs every time when i render the same project with different settings by changeing the Scratch disk path from  Edit menu preferences. The project has jpeg images in one video track and .wmv file in other video track. I have been exporting it in .avi file. Please suggest what can be the issue.


      Hema Jagtap

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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Welcome to the forums.

          It sounds like PPro is not getting the info it needs from a plug-in.

          Try these troubleshooting tips and if none help then provide the info asked for at the end. It will expedite the help process.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Is this during Render, or during Export?


            If Rendering, then what exactly is happening at about the 90% point in the Timeline? What Effects are you applying to any Clips there? Are the Clips around that point the same, i.e. all DV-AVI Type II's Captured via FW in PrPro, or maybe a still between two motion Clips?


            If during Export, then it would be about the same for CBR, but would be a bit later if you Export with VBR, though not by that much.


            Though the error message is usually different, check very closely for any gaps in the Video Timeline around that spot also.


            Please let us know about your Assets at around the 90% mark. There is probably something lurking, and the fix might well be simple. A screen-cap of that area of the Timeline might help someone spot an issue. I'd do that plus a CU of the Project Panel with the Assets that appear in that area of the Timeline visible. Use the little "camera" icon in the middle of the editing screen's toolbar, to attach the screen-cap.


            Good luck,