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    Media Pending after ripping from DVD?


      Hi everyone, I'm brand new to video and have a question.  My wife is a Christian County Singer (Amanda Fessant) and performed at TBN during a convention last fall.  We purchased a DVD copy of her performance and I would like to put it on her website.  I have ripped two of her music videos into PE 4 without any issues and placed them on youtube.  Here's my problem, when I rip this video I can see one of two files.  I can see the menu screen, but I can't see the other.  It just says media pending.  It will say it is playing but the picture says media pending and there is no audio.  I can play the DVD in media player and powerDVD so the disc its self should be fine.  Like I said, I'm brand new and would really apreciate any help at all.


      Thank You and God Bless,