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    QTP Flex Add-in problem with FlexDataGrid

      I am trying to automate Flex application with Adobe QTP Add-in.
      The problem is that content of a few FlexDataGrids is not recognizable by QTP.
      When such DataGrid doesn’t have content, everything is fine. DataGrid itself and the header are recognizable.
      The issue takes place if content is entered in cells. Object Spy sees sells and the header as WinObject. DataGrid itself continues to be recognizable.
      HeaderClick and SelectIndex are working, but extract information from cells is impossible.

      Flex 2.01 HF2, compiled with 2.0.1 HF2 automation libraries
      QTP 9.2
      QTP Flex Add-in 2.01 HF2.

      The issue is critical for our automation, so I would appreciate any help.
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          Mr QTP

          I too have an issue with the QTP Flex Add-in and the FlexDataGrid...


          Apparently the comumnNames property was not implemented for the add-in or isn't working. When I use the GetRoProperty method in conjuction with the comunNames property it always is an empty string.

          What's up with that?


          Also, you cannot use the GetCellData method either.


          Any ideas on a work-around?