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    "Unsorted cuePoint" in flv video file

    Manno Bult-to3djt Level 2

      I hava an application which heavily uses cuepoints for al kinds of navigation and event purposes. To properly handle the cuepoints I use some sorting etc. of the cuepoints when the onMetaData fires. The video is played as a NetStream from a WOWZA rtmp server. In the production it will probably run from FMS.


      Today I recieved the final flv from the client which contains about 300 cuepoints of type navigation and event. The file is generated in AE CS4. With this specific file the onMetaData event does not fire at all anymore (or it generates error below), the onCuepoint event does fire as expected.


      Testing with playback trhough the flvplayback component generates the folowing error:


      1002: Illegal cue point: Unsorted cuePoint found after time: 93.16


      There are two cuepoints set at that point in the video (never thought that was possible...).



      Could the 'duplicate' cuepoint be the reason onMetaData does not fire?


      Does anyone know of a, preferably cross platform, tool that just inserts cuepoints into an FLV instead of rendering the whole thing again? (I don't think FLVmetainjector does)


      Thanks in advance.