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    Error opening pdf from published desktop


      Citrix XenApp 5
      Windows 2003
      Adobe Reader 9 (Swedish version)

      We do have the following issue:

      On a published desktop opened from the webinterface you are unable to open a pdf file from an Intranet site. It doesn't matter if you try it with an admin account or a normal user account. The pdf is trying to open in a new browser window and an error occurs.

      EM: There was a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader. Quit Adobe Acrobat/Reader and try again.

      When closing the error and browser window and click the pdf link on the site again, it opens in a new browser window.
      Uncheck "display pdf in browser" in Adobe Reader is not an option for the customer.
      When copying the shortcut to the pdf and paste it in a browser window it opens.

      When connecting to the server with an admin account or a normal user account using RDP the issue does not occur. However it seems to be a Citrix issue and I have posted it on the Citrix forum, I post it here as well in the hope to get this solved..