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    an AIR app to run a project fullscreen (alpha)

    Philippe Chaurand



      I made this small AIR application to display a Catalyst project in fullscreen.

      It s making the code very crappy and the look is crap too. Anyway, to my mind, this is just to show that Flex can produce resizable application ...


      An example here ---> http://peopleinaction.free.fr/catalyst/resizable/Prototype.html

      The AIR application is attached to this thread.




      Use :

      - create an empty Flash Builder project

      - run the AIR app

      - put the path to your Catalyst project (FXP file)

      - put the path your new Flash Builder project

      - on the AIR app, click on "Import Catalyst changes"

      - from the Flash Builder project, launch the application called "Prototype.mxml" in the "src" directory

      - from your running project, click on the checkbox in the top-right corner to disable the fullscreen mode