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    Help, Premiere - Photoshop rotoscoping is different in CS4 then in CS3.

    nados Level 1

      Hi all,


      I would like to rotoscope a video file imported into Premiere CS4 using Photoshop CS4.


      All of the tutorials refer to using CS3 by exporting the sequence or workspace from Premiere CS3 via FILE > EXPORT > MOVIE > SETTINGS > FILMSTRIP.


      There is no EXPORT > MOVIE > SETTINGS > FILMSTRIP in CS4, just EXPORT > MEDIA.


      Since the video is a rip off of a wedding dvd, I only have the demuxed .mpg file to work with. So am i to assume that the CS4 way is to EXPORT > MEDIA, but I'm not sure what format and settings i should choose for import into Photoshop CS4 so can i minimize quality loss. I tried AVI uncompressed but Photoshop CS4 does not like it.