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    Need some general Flex wisdom

    Developer504 Level 1
      Ok with a little help I've got a couple of nice flex charts, some data grids, and a columnchart all drawing data from different sources. I would like to now make a dashboard with two or three charts, and a handful of data grids on the same page.

      I have tried combining all the code into one big mxml file, but I'm running into problems such as where I've used the same names for variables, functions etc. I'm also having a hard time sorting through the resulting tangle of code when debugging. From what I gather, this isn't the way to do it in Flex anyway.

      What I'd like to do is take my various charts and datagrid pieces and make them into components that I can re-use and make my man App clean and simple to debug.

      I have a few questions on how to do this. Should I create AS files or compile .SWF files ? Where do I put these things in my bin folder? What are the gotchas? How do I place the components on the form when the code is in another file? Will I still have any problems with variables etc. if I have divided it up into different components?

      I'm not asking for a step by step guide so much as to be pointed in a general direction for this process, and pointers as to which kind of pitfalls I should look out for.