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    Need help to export files to any other format!!!


      Ten years ago, I wrote my PhD Thesis in Adobe PageMaker running On a Windows 95 platform.  The backup of this document was done in the original PageMaker format.


      Now, I need to work with this document again. Since I don't use PageMaker anymore, I download PageMaker 7 free trial versión (30 days) in order to open the file, and try to transform it to another format that could allow me to access/copy/edit/print the document whenever I like.


      UNFORTUNATELY, PageMaker is not giving me any possibility to transform the document into any other format. No other Adobe program is recognizing the file format. There is a "export to pdf" option that cannot be used because it requires to install a postscript printer, wich I do not have.


      I'm running out of time, my PageMaker will expire in 28 days.  HOW CAN I SOLVE THIS PORBLEM?


      THANK YOU!