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    Another Capture Question....

    digital-witness Level 1

      I know.. not another why can't I capture via FireWire, but why can't I capture via firewire??!?!?!?!???


      System Run Down:


      XPpro sp3

      AMD Athlon 62 x2 Dual core processor 5000+

      2.61 ghz

      3.5gb ram

      PCI card w/ 3 firewire ports


      I am currently using my SAA7130 TV Card to bring in all my video. Not a very efficient or effective way to import DV. I posted a thread on here a while ago about proper video capture cards, and was informed that I did not need one, b/c for firewire the video capabilities on my motherboard would be sufficient. I have a JVC DV-500 and cannot get any of the firewire ports to recognize the camera. I've tried a few other consumer grade Dv camera, and nothing still. Tried another firewire cable, and still nothing. After searching online for a while I found many suggestions to remedy my situation (disable the connection then reboot, check for latest drivers, try another pci slot etc..).


      So I figured I would come here (once again) and hopefully get sound advice. This TV card is killing my video quality, and this madness has to stop!!!!

      I'm a new business owner, and my technological capabilities are pre-historic when it comes to video imports. I checked the adobewiki as well, and found nothing that could help point me in the right direction.


      Any suggestions are certainly appreciated.