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    Forcing Image to fill the screen when user resizes window


      I am using flex and actionscript to create a photog site and I want the background to display an image that completely covers the background without distortion.  I have tried just an image tag and assigned width and height to 100% but the problem comes in when teh display has a wider aspect than the photo.  As a result, the height is scaled 100% and the width is something less.  I would rather have it scale to whichever is larger, ie if the window is too wide, scale the photo to 100% width and let the excess go off the screen.  That way, the photo will always cover the screen and there won't be any distractrating background color showing.


      I was planning on using actionscript to report the width and height of the image so that I can compare it to the window width and height but it appears that you can not get the photo dimensions.  I can use application.width and application.height but I need some way to compare that to the photo.  Also, is there an eventlistener that I should use to monitor when the user resizes the window or will the image scaling be done automatically?


      Thanks for any comments,